A #TCOT Idea for Romney…

Mitt Romney

It’s been talked about on the blogosphere and Twitterverse for a while now, but for the first time I am posting the full concept online. It’s simple – while Romney continues to get battered by the Obama campaign for not releasing a decade of tax documents, he should require full disclosure in exchange. Tax, health, and scholastic records should all be made public and Romney’s team should demand it.

Read more at Red State:

It has been speculated by some that the President is unwilling to show his college and medical records because they may show statuses that point towards birth abroad. This isn’t necessarily a Birther issue; people will often take advantage of whichever status best serves them to accomplish their current goal. For example, it would be very challenging for a mediocre student at Occidental College to move on to the Ivy League as Obama did. IF he had wanted to take advantage of his time abroad and IF he was motivated by a need to improve his status, he may have been willing to claim himself as a foreign student to get out of the California school and move up to Columbia before heading over to Harvard Law.



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