Mild Political Rant: I’m Just Not Inspired By Either Candidate

Obama Romney

As I look at the choices for President of the United States, I’m completely uninspired. On one hand, we have an incumbent who has not been able to accomplish anything he said he would in his first term other than put out a healthcare plan that was worse in reality than it even was in concept. On the other hand, you have a moderate Republican who doesn’t have the chops to run the country.

My first venture into understanding politics came in grade school when we had a mock vote for President. There was an incumbent peanut farmer and an actor on the ballot and I didn’t know any better except to vote for the guy I recognized. I knew who Jimmy Carter was, so he got my vote as well as the votes of most of my classmates. I approached one classmate who had voted for Reagan and asked him why. He said Reagan sounded like he could get stuff done.

Since then, I’ve taken pride in looking at candidates, listening to what they said, and looking at their history to see if they fell under the category of getting stuff done. I cheered for Reagan over Mondale, Bush over Dukakis, Bush over Clinton, Clinton over Dole (despite his declaration of being a liberal Democrat, fiscally he was more of a right-leaning independent), Bush over Gore and Kerry, and McCain over Obama.

It was with the last one that I left feeling okay with the loss. I thought, “He might not be the guy I wanted but he seems to be aggressive enough to get stuff done.”

I was wrong. He has done nothing but hurt the country over and over again.

This should be a slam dunk for me. When someone’s failures are so clear, the alternative should be easy to latch onto. The problem I’m having is in latching onto Mitt Romney. He’s not a great choice. He beat down his GOP competitors that reminded me of the style of politics that Obama had been running before and after his election.

I’m probably going to vote for Romney because the economy cannot handle another 4 years of complete fiscal incompetence. I’m just not going to like the alternative as much as I should.


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