As Bad Remakes Go, Footloose was Pure Evil

Footloose 2011

It’s very easy to hate remakes. Purists often find themselves instantly hating any time a classic is modernized. Either they get diverted away from the original too much or not enough. The acting is always worse. The story is always mistreated. There’s always something wrong with remakes.

I’m not one of those people. I give remakes a chance. I’ve found some that I preferred to the original such as “The Thomas Crown Affair” and  “3:10 to Yuma”. Most of them have challenges, particularly with acting. For Footloose, this surprisingly wasn’t the fault. The people they chose to play the various roles did as good if not better than their predecessors. Granted, they were going against actors from the 80s who added an extra layer of cheese to their acting.

Dennis Quaid in particular added some dignity to his role. He brought dignity to the movie as did some of the other actors.

That’s where the dignity ends.

The messages were askew. The story flow eliminated the best parts of original while highlighting the negatives. Even the music, which was one of the reasons that I watched the movie in the first place, was botched. They modernized when they shouldn’t and kept hold of the old music when they shouldn’t.

Long story short, they messed up an 80s classic more than most remakes botch their originals. Don’t see this movie. Please.



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