Will @Klout Make the Same Mistake Twice?

Klout Changes

The last time that Klout made major changes to their algorithm, the internet cried foul. Now, with changes on their way again (any time now, really), will Klout show that they’ve learned their lesson? Will they stay true to their base of non-celebrities who actually care about their Klout score, or will they attempt to cater to the powerful people and organizations of the world in search of riches?

It never works. Catering to big names in a way that snubs your base has proven to be disastrous to both Digg and MySpace in the past. Klout has promised to make their algorithm more realistic based upon achievements and activities in real life; this sounds an awful lot like the idea that they want to reward the Oprahs of the world (current Klout of 83) rather than reward the active social media stars like Zaibatsu (current Klout of 85). As I wrote in Techi, we’ll find out soon enough:

One of the goals of the algorithm change is to include real-life components to the algorithm. Today, if someone is truly influential but inactive on social media, they will likely show very little clout in their Klout score. Fernandez hopes to change that with the update.

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