Making Your Facebook News Feed Work Better Through Training


It may be the only good technological component of Facebook, but they really did nail it. The Facebook news feed algorithm is pretty darn close to a work of art, learning exactly the people you really like and taking note of changes in your behavior to present to you the content that is likely the most relevant.

It can only be made perfect through your actions, though. This quick step-by-step shows how to train your Facebook news feed to give you the people and content that you want. Much easier than training a dragon…

Facebook does a lot of things wrong. They often don’t listen to their users. The site is built on an antiquated technology that is currently being held together by duct tape and chewing gum. They haven’t the foggiest idea how to build mobile apps. They don’t quite get the whole “public business” thing.

With all of these negatives, the site that’s approaching a billion users worldwide does one thing exceptionally well. The algorithm that drives our news feeds is top notch. It knows us. It learns about us. It adapts to us.


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