Judge Keeps Facebook, Lawyers from Sealing Lopsided Deal


In most cases, I’m against judges taking their own interpretations of accounts and agreements between two entities and passing judgment negating them. In this case, the judge definitely did the right thing.

US District Judge Richard Seeborg of San Francisco denied a motion for a speedy settlement between Facebook and the lawyers who have a class action suit against them and their Sponsored Stories advertising feature. The reason – it didn’t really help anyone other than Facebook and the lawyers.

In this scandalous, shady deal, the lawyers would get $10 million, charities would get $10 million, and the 70 million members of the class action suit would get nothing. It seemed a little too good to be true for Facebook and the lawyers. The judge agreed, as I posted on Techi:

Facebook and the lawyers suing them over their “Sponsored Stories” advertising platform worked out a pretty sweet deal whereby the lawyers would get a nice payout and the social networking giant would get by with paying pennies on the dollar of the revenue they generated from advertising. “And they would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for that pesky judge and his meddling mutt.”


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