Multiple Tools are Needed for Robust Facebook Pages

KPA Facebook

Tools are supposed to help streamline our efforts. In social media and on Facebook in particular, they’re intended to make following and posting to your Facebook page easier. The problem is that Facebook doesn’t like you getting as much attention using these tools instead of using the native Facebook applications or websites. As a result, they’ve put in countermeasures.

One can get around these countermeasures by using multiple tools as I posted on Driving Sales:

All too often I see dealers (and just about everyone else) posting images multiple times in the same day using a single tool. It could be Instagram, Hootsuite, Buffer, KPA Local Engage, Path, or any of dozens of great tools out there that can post images to Facebook.

The challenge with this is in how Facebook batches images into albums on the news feed. You can look at your Facebook page and everything looks fine, but the way that multiple images posted from the same tool in a 24 hour period looks in the news feed of your fans is completely different. They get batched as an album that does not have a like button.


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