Tagged.com Gets More Money for Social Discovery

Tagged Social Discovery

As profitable social networks with hundreds of millions of users go, Tagged is most likely the one you’ve heard the least about. They’ve been around as long as Facebook but they “lost” the social networking war. Instead of pushing forward against Facebook the way the MySpace, hi5 (which Tagged purchased last year) and other social networks did, Tagged pivoted towards “Social Discovery”.

Now, they have a round of funding to help them continue their mission towards being the place where you find new people. If Facebook has your current friends, Tagged has your future friends.

Here’s what I posted about them on Soshable:

Yesterday, they raised a round of funding that wasn’t common in today’s climate. Money invested in Silicon Valley today is normally associated with risks. It usually involves large numbers and a large stake of the company. That wasn’t the case with yesterday’s round; Tagged is a safe bet as a company that is already profitable, they didn’t raise a ton (just enough to get a boost in innovations), and they didn’t give away the farm.


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