Twitter Being Dumb

Angry Twitter

For a platform that has been grown in large part on the backs of other companies, Twitter certainly knows how to shut the door on their “friends” without hesitation. The last few weeks the company has shown their true colors by eliminating integration with other services like Instagram and Tumblr as wel as making it more challenging for developers to do their thing on the platform. Now, they’ve taken away the attribution they once gave to third-party apps that posted to Twitter.

As I asked on Techi:

Twitter will continue to head down this road as they now feel they are big enough to not have to rely on others. Facebook and Google continue to rely on others, which makes the recent Applesque moves by Twitter a little perplexing. What do they know that we don’t?

They are going to lose support. The users might not notice the decline in service yet, but the more they shut people out, the more the people will be going over to (and promoting) other services. Twitter is huge and in no danger at this point of collapsing under their own greed and ignorance, but the mighty have fallen in the past and Twitter might just beat Facebook to the social media graveyard after all.



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