Roswell is Still Important

Roswell Press Release

I’m not one to try to stir the pot on dead issues, but this is one that not only keeps coming back to life but it also seems to never die a full death. Ask yourself, “Why is a downed weather balloon still being protected by the highest possible level of top secret status 65 years later?”

There is more security around the information from Roswell than all of the known and most of the unknown weapons programs being conducted by the US military today.

It wasn’t a weather balloon. That much is absolutely certain.

As I ranted on Uberly:

Roswell represents a portion of the start of this change. It marks one of the important foundational elements of this great deception. What actually happened will likely never be known by more than a handful. Two Presidents and several members of Congress have set out to release the information surrounding Roswell with no success. Something, whether the truth or a variation of the truth, will be released sometime. The sooner it is, the better, because it will help shed light on what is to come.



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