Facebook Page Marketing: The First Three Steps

Facebook Fan Pages

Most of the advice out there today pertaining to Facebook marketing assumes a few things. First, it usually assumes that you want more fans. Then, it usually assumes that every fan base is the same and that they should be catering to the same type of content. Third, it assumes that most businesses are dumb.

Thankfully, the advice I posted today for local businesses wanting to get going with their Facebook marketing doesn’t fall into any of these traps. It discusses the three important first steps in getting your Facebook marketing jumpstarted.

I go into details about the three on Techi:

The first three steps in the process are the easiest, the ones that can all be described in a single blog post. The stages beyond the first three get much more complex, not because they’re so much harder but because they become very specific to the goals of the business as well as the personality of the team. We can’t go into those, but the first three should be enough to get you going.

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