Put a Stanglehold on North Korea Before it’s Too Late

North Korean Army Marches

When someone is out of control, drugged up or insane, you often can’t talk them down. Sometimes, it’s best to just subdue them in any way possible and force them to calm down. That’s where we are currently with North Korea. It doesn’t matter whether you believe they are really a nuclear threat to the United States, South Korea, or anyone else. They’re acting like they are. That alone is enough reason to take the necessary actions to bring them in line.

The threats have not been subtle. Nukes or no nukes, they have an army of 1.2 million. It seems that everyone in politics and the media is doing everything they can to downplay the threat. They’re calling in experts who somehow know with a certainty that North Korean technology cannot lob a nuclear missile across the Pacific. They somehow know with a certainty that they don’t have enough resources for the fuel and ammunition to wage a real war. There is no reason to wait until they prove or disprove that their threats are real. They’ve made the harshest of threats and must be dealt with immediately.

I wrote more about it on Conservative Haven:

Unpredictable. It’s a word that’s often used to describe leaders around the world who are potentially willing to do things that evade logic. These are the leaders who will hurt their own people for the sake of their egos, who will condemn others around the world for the sake of their own power, and who seem to always have something to prove even when nobody needs the proof. It is what best describes North Korean leader Kim Jung-un and it’s the reason that the threats that are being reported as “sabre rattling” across most major news outlets should be taken at face value and acted upon immediately.

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