Mud wasn’t a Love Story, but it’s a Story About Love

Tye Sheridan

Matthew McConaughey is going to get a ton of critical acclaim for this movie, but the real star, Tree of Life‘s Tye Sheridan, really stole the show.

It wasn’t as striking as End of Watch and it wasn’t as powerful as Zero Dark Thirty, but this was the best overall movie I’ve seen since The Descendants. Sharp acting across the board, a few little twists here and there, and a plot that kept you in its grasp without squeezing too hard made Mud a winner now and surely a contender for several categories when awards season rolls around next year.

The only shame is that they won’t be able to get two best actor nominees on the list and at this point Sheridan and McConaughey both qualify.

Critics seem to agree. It has a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, the only site I refer to when determining whether or not I want to give a movie a shot. I will never go into descriptions of what happens in a movie, not even what people can see in trailers, but I can tell you this much. It’s all about love. It’s not a love story by any means, but the central theme throughout is love at various levels.

If you have an ounce of trust in my opinion, skip the trailer, go in as blind as possible, and watch Mud.

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