Focusing on Building a Network of Believers

Bible in the Light

It is so important to participate in the world as a believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. As such, I will be devoting more time every day with helping to spread the Word.

This is the type of path that is all-encompassing. Every action, every statement, even every inaction or skipped conversation is a reflection of myself as a flawed creation trying to find and spread the Grace offered to all of us in the name of Yeshua. It’s not about setting time aside to read the Bible or go to church. It’s about allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us and to let Jesus be the cornerstone of every component of our lives.

For a while, I have had Judeo Christian Church as a blog through which to post thoughts and share what I’ve learned (and continue to learn) but it has always been an occasional hobby. Of late, I’ve been able to put more time into it with my wife and we’re now ready to make it a daily activity.

We could always use help, especially considering that I just purchased as well. If anyone is interested in participating, contributing, or simply joining us in fellowship, we are definitely interested in talking to you.

You can also follow our Facebook page or Twitter account.


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