How I Know I Married My Soulmate

True Love

True story. I’ve always had a hard time telling my wife when I do something or think something that is incorrect. She’s the same way. In essence, we don’t like to tell each other that we make ignorant mistakes even though everyone has lapses in intelligence from time to time.

Recently I discovered a doozy. My whole life, I’ve thought that Portugal was in South America. Those who know me realize that I’m pretty picky about facts and that I can be a little harsh when people make silly mistakes. My wife knows that I’m like this and tries to make me stop. However, as anyone would do in a two decade+ marriage, she also doesn’t mind getting me back by pointing out when I make these types of silly factual errors.

I wasn’t going to tell her this one because I knew it was pretty darn blatantly ignorant. Somehow, the topic of Portugal came up so I told her. She surprised me as she always does.

“Honey,” I said. “I’m embarrassed to admit it but I just learned a couple of weeks ago that Portugal is in Europe. My whole life I thought that Portugal was in South America.”

She smiled her reassuring smile that always catches me off guard even after all these years. I was waiting for the ribbing, the minor ridicule that she would bring down on me. Instead, she chuckled and said, “So, you’re telling me that Portugal isn’t in South America.”




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