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Should the World be Worried About the New Pope?

Pope Francis

Before any Catholics get all annoyed at me for asking the question, please keep in mind that this isn’t intended as an attack on Pope Francis or the Catholic church in general. These are the end times and one must be vigilant with their desire to understand the dynamics that are driving this world. It isn’t a stretch to say that the new Pope has come out of the gate running and that his popularity compared to the previous Pope could be considered unnatural. It could all be harmless, even beneficial to the world. Then again, it could be something more sinister.

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Roswell is Still Important

Roswell Press Release

I’m not one to try to stir the pot on dead issues, but this is one that not only keeps coming back to life but it also seems to never die a full death. Ask yourself, “Why is a downed weather balloon still being protected by the highest possible level of top secret status 65 years later?”

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