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Mud wasn’t a Love Story, but it’s a Story About Love

Tye Sheridan

Matthew McConaughey is going to get a ton of critical acclaim for this movie, but the real star, Tree of Life‘s Tye Sheridan, really stole the show.

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How Could I NOT Repost This? R2 Looks Terrible!


I know I already posted this on Techi, but if we can’t support our heroes who have fallen on tough times, what good are we as a society?

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As Bad Remakes Go, Footloose was Pure Evil

Footloose 2011

It’s very easy to hate remakes. Purists often find themselves instantly hating any time a classic is modernized. Either they get diverted away from the original too much or not enough. The acting is always worse. The story is always mistreated. There’s always something wrong with remakes.

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