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The Right and Wrong Way to Build Your Klout Score

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There are plenty of articles that discuss Klout tips out there. Thanks to recent changes in the way that Klout scores and operates, I get the opportunity to write one of my own!

From Soshable:

It’s the only thing I understand about internet marketing that has absolutely nothing with driving traffic, generating leads, or making sales, yet a day hasn’t gone by in a long time during which I am not asked about how to do better on Klout.

If it is to be, then so be it. Let’s talk Klout…

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Leave a comment Gets More Money for Social Discovery

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As profitable social networks with hundreds of millions of users go, Tagged is most likely the one you’ve heard the least about. They’ve been around as long as Facebook but they “lost” the social networking war. Instead of pushing forward against Facebook the way the MySpace, hi5 (which Tagged purchased last year) and other social networks did, Tagged pivoted towards “Social Discovery”.

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