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Facebook Page Marketing: The First Three Steps

Facebook Fan Pages

Most of the advice out there today pertaining to Facebook marketing assumes a few things. First, it usually assumes that you want more fans. Then, it usually assumes that every fan base is the same and that they should be catering to the same type of content. Third, it assumes that most businesses are dumb.

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Get Your Search Hands Talking to Each Other

Hands Talking To Each Other

Paid and organic search are no longer independent… at least they shouldn’t be. People who want to be successful at both need to make sure that both companies, departments, or individuals running the campaigns are in regular communication with each other. The strategies need to mesh in ways that they simply haven’t in the past.

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Guacamole: The Key to Success in Nearly Any Business


There’s something amazing about a good guacamole at a restaurant. It has nothing to do with whether or not you like guacamole. It has to do with why you’re there in the first place.

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Are You Motivated as an Employee? Are You Keeping Your Employees Motivated as an Employer?

This infographic by Rypple teaches us very nicely about the difference between old-school money-centric motivating techniques and the things that employees are really looking for in a career. Click to enlarge.

Employee Motivation

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Remember this Next Time You Think, “Oh, it’s just one unhappy customer…”

Norman Chrysler Jeep Dodge

There is no such thing as “just one unhappy customer” anymore. Social media has given amplification abilities to anyone, even those not affected. For example, the person who was affected by the bad deal pictured above decided to take it out on the dealership by vandalizing their own car to put the message out to everyone who sees them.

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