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How to Motivate Employees

In this great infographic from Rypple, we learn How to Motivate Employees. Contrary to popular belief, money is not necessarily the most important part of a strong workforce. Keeping employees engaged, particularly the most valued talent, is one of the keys to business success.


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Remembering Our First Infographic

I was thinking back today as I work on the new company website about the first infographic we built ourselves. We’d participated in building infographics all the way back to 2008, but this was ours. It was like coming home for the first time to a new apartment after living 17 years with your parents. Here it is – still relevant today.

Silicon Valley Perks

Via: Hasai Social Media Marketing

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Are You Motivated as an Employee? Are You Keeping Your Employees Motivated as an Employer?

This infographic by Rypple teaches us very nicely about the difference between old-school money-centric motivating techniques and the things that employees are really looking for in a career. Click to enlarge.

Employee Motivation

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