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Put a Stanglehold on North Korea Before it’s Too Late

North Korean Army Marches

When someone is out of control, drugged up or insane, you often can’t talk them down. Sometimes, it’s best to just subdue them in any way possible and force them to calm down. That’s where we are currently with North Korea. It doesn’t matter whether you believe they are really a nuclear threat to the United States, South Korea, or anyone else. They’re acting like they are. That alone is enough reason to take the necessary actions to bring them in line.

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Risky Ryan Move Means Romney Will Focus on Florida, Ohio, Colorado

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan offers the conservative credibility that the Romney campaign felt it needed. It brings a youthful face and excitement to a campaign that wants to earn the trust of the middle class, particularly those in the political center. They wanted an active campaigner and they got one.

The most important thing they got was Wisconsin.

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